Insight into and control over IT

The Active CMDB of Gensys is always up-to-date, correct and complete. The central point for all information about and relationships between configuration items such as applications, databases, servers, storage, networks, cabling, licences, SLAs, contracts, authorisations, people etc. Manage IT effectively end-to-end with a business focus, through the Active CMDB. Even if it’s a hybrid IT environment. The Active CMDB is fully integrated with the other modules. Gain an insight into and control over your IT with the Gensys Active CMDB.

Active CMDB

All relations in the CMDB

All the connections between IT components, on-premises or in the cloud, are recorded and are up-to-date. Spot any differences between the metadata and the reality. Your CMDB is always up-to-date, correct and audited.

Active CMDB

End-to-end chain management

Manage digital processes and IT chains. Model and monitor the digital processes end-to-end. See directly where and why the process is disrupted. Discover deviations from the established performance criteria. Automatically detect the relationships between configuration items (CIs) and always have up-to-date details of configuration items. CIs often form complex chains. They influence each other, depend on underlying CIs and/or provide a service to the higher levels. Incorporate IT chains in one or more IT services with their own SLA and form business services with their own requirements and preconditions.

Active CMDB

Business focus

Manage IT with a business focus. Easily define your organisation’s business services and digital processes. From purchasing and customer service to logistics and finance. Disruptions of business services and processes? See the impact on the business immediately. Analyse the root cause within IT. Work with KPIs for peace of mind and control.

Active CMDB


The Gensys Active CMDB is integrated seamlessly with Gensys Monitor and Gensys Service Management. Easily request all the relevant notifications per CI, let SLAs determine the priority and control the processing of monitor notifications.

Active CMDB

Also for the cloud

Always have up-to-date configuration data, including data in the cloud. Improve the reliability of analyses and diagnoses through overarching insight. Manage on-premises, hybrid and cloud environments with playful ease.

Active CMDB

Asset Management

Retain control over the entire lifecycle of all hardware and software with the Asset lifecycle manager. From ordering to receipt, in stock, commissioning, changes to ultimate removal and destruction.

Software asset management

With the Active CMDB you have insight into legal and illegal software use, and you can also see whether you might be paying for too many licences. The Active CMDB checks the presence of mandatory software or conversely software which is not permitted, where not only standard applications are inventoried, but also the custom-made ones. You save operational and licensing costs, you prevent fines and reputational damage.

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“Gensys has already paid for itself handsomely by preventing loads of damage.”

Glenn van Gom, ICT Operations Manager

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