Active CMDB

All relations in the CMDB

All the connections between IT components, on-premises or in the cloud, are recorded and are up-to-date. Spot any differences between the metadata and the reality. Your CMDB is always up-to-date, correct and audited.

All relations in the CMDB

For all configuration items (CIs) the details, the connections and the data about the relations are saved in the Active CMDB. An IT environment has CIs on different layers, namely Conceptual CIs (business services, IT services, cloud services), Logical CIs (logical intangible IT components like virtual machines, VDIs, databases, applications etc.), Physical CIs (the physical IT components like servers, storage, network, utility components like spaces, racks, UPSs, cooling equipment etc.).

Always up-to-date, correct and audited

Detailed data and information about the physical and logical connections is collected automatically. Spot any differences between the metadata in the Active CMDB and the data collected from the actual situation. Any change to the CMDB data or change within the IT infrastructure is flagged. The data in the CMDB is always complete and correct through change management functionality, whether automated or not. Evaluate changes afterwards, and every change is included with its reason in the audit trail.

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“With Gensys we establish the alignment with ICT and critical operational processes.”

Marcel Donkers, ICT Manager

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