Active CMDB

Business focus

Manage IT with a business focus. Easily define your organisation’s business services and digital processes. From purchasing and customer service to logistics and finance. Disruptions of business services and processes? See the impact on the business immediately. Analyse the root cause within IT. Work with KPIs for peace of mind and control.

Discover the business impact

Define the business services of your organisation, e.g. purchasing, customer service etc., and immediately see any IT disruptions to business services, because configuration items in the CMDB are grouped up to the business service level. Plan changes thoroughly because the potential impact on one or more business services is demonstrable. Easily allocate IT costs to the business services.

Monitor the process

Primary and secondary processes use IT. Easily model the flow of a process and relate the IT components or component groups used for a process, to each other. In the event of an IT disruption, see where the problems arise in the chain and their potential impact on the total flow. And monitor the performance of the process by linking KPIs to the relations in the process flow.

End-to-end beheer

Learn what it means to really be in total control. Read the brochure.

“The detailed insight by Gensys provides peace of mind in the IT department.”

Tom Jurgens, Control Management

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