Active CMDB

End-to-end chain management

Manage digital processes and IT chains. Model and monitor the digital processes end-to-end. See directly where and why the process is disrupted. Discover deviations from the established performance criteria. Automatically detect the relationships between configuration items (CIs) and always have up-to-date details of configuration items. CIs often form complex chains. They influence each other, depend on underlying CIs and/or provide a service to the higher levels. Incorporate IT chains in one or more IT services with their own SLA and form business services with their own requirements and preconditions.

Insight into digital processes

Avoid disruptions of business processes. See if a digital process fails or performs poorly immediately. Get insight into the business impact. Analyse where and why the disruption occurs. Review the performance of the business KPIs. Model the process flow easily and see the connection between the process components. View the underlying IT and analyse the IT chain.

Analyses across the entire chain

Perform analyses on data from the entire path (IT chain) at a specific identical moment or over a specific identical period. For instance, show integral performance data in graph form for a particular period for an SQL database, the virtual server on which the SQL database runs, the physical server and the SAN, where the values are synchronised in the time. Also show selected measurement values in an overview, for a specific moment for the entire chain.

End-to-end IT management of the hybrid cloud

Use Gensys to manage on-premises IT, cloud services and hybrid cloud infrastructures as a whole. In this way, you can benefit from end-to-end IT management even if parts of the IT are in the cloud. Gain overarching insight and control because the CMDB and monitoring data of the on-premises IT environment are integrated with the details from the cloud services.

Active CMDB

Perform Impact and Root Cause Analyses

Discover at lightning speed the cause of faults in the ‘chain’ by applying root cause analyses. A planned change? See what direct impact this has on higher-level CIs, IT and business services.

Impact analysis

Perform an impact analysis by following the ‘relation path’ upwards. Determine the consequence of a problem. See exactly which consequences could entail a change up to the business service level and even up to the client level. On tracking a patch, make a configuration item central or zoom in on it.

Root cause analysis

Track the path downwards for a root cause analysis. Determine the cause of a problem or establish the overlaps of a completed change. Perform analyses quickly and easily because the relations with surrounding CIs are directly visible.

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