Active CMDB

Also for the cloud

Always have up-to-date configuration data, including data in the cloud. Improve the reliability of analyses and diagnoses through overarching insight. Manage on-premises, hybrid and cloud environments with playful ease.

Also for Azure Services

Always have up-to-date configuration data, because the asset details of your Azure services/solutions are up-to-date in the Active CMDB. This lets you improve the reliability of analyses and diagnoses. Establish business services and IT services with both on-premises and Microsoft Azure configuration items for a better insight into hybrid cloud services. Monitor the SLA of cloud solutions, including in a hybrid environment.

End-to-end management hybrid cloud

Use Gensys to manage on-premises IT, cloud services and hybrid cloud infrastructures. Manage end-to-end IT management even if parts of the IT are in the cloud. Gain overarching insight and control because the CMDB and monitoring data of the on-premises IT environment are integrated with the details from the cloud services.

Offer your own cloud service

If you offer cloud services as a service provider, the IT components of your cloud platform are included under a ‘cloud service CI’ in the Active CMDB. Gain complete insight into the messages and cohesion of the underlying IT infrastructure. Only give clients (online) insight into the availability of the purchased cloud service(s). Know exactly who is using what, and in the case of a disruption or change, know exactly who it will affect.

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“Significant savings are made by billing IT resources”

Frank van Gemerden, Team Manager Bedrijfsbureau ICT

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