IT Monitor

Application Performance Monitoring

Easily monitor the availability and performance of all business applications. From fat-client and VDI applications, terminal services applications like Citrix to browser-based applications.

Monitor the availability and performance of all business applications

With the EUX Monitor, measure the availability and performance of application and interactive websites the way the end user experiences them. Also monitor the real-time performance of your cloud providers or hosting party in relation to the agreed service level. The EUX Monitor is suitable for all application types: for fat-client and VDI applications, for terminal services applications like Citrix, and for browser-based applications.

Insight into the performance of the entire chain

Applications belong to an IT chain (IT service) and IT services make up a business service. Gain complete insight into the performance of IT and business services. Analyse the performance data of an application in combination with the performance data of the IT components on which the application depends, such as physical and logical servers, databases, switches, storage etc. The Gensys Active CMDB knows the dependencies. Show performance data of the entire chain on the same timeline. Thereby relate the performance, as the user experiences it, to the performance of the technical IT components.

Complete insight into the history

The entire history of the performance data at the end user level remains available, along with that of the related IT components. Investigate the behaviour of applications by analysing the performance data of the total IT chain at various points in the past, in combination with notifications issued by the IT components. Also see clearly whether an infrastructural change affects response times by comparing performance data from before and after the change.

Synthetic Monitoring

Record the script (the interaction) with the user-friendly EUX recorder by performing the transactions of the end user on the application. (Ro)bots execute the scripts at specific times. They collect availability and performance data at various, self-configured moments within an interaction.

Central management

Manage the EUX monitor from a central place. Create and test the scripts centrally and distribute, activate and maintain them in a central place. Execute EUX bots from any desired location? No problem.

Analysis and alerts

Analyse the availability and performance data of the applications with Gensys on any device, irrespective of time or place, thus also on your mobile phone or tablet. Would you like to receive notifications if something’s not right? Set threshold values for the various performance notification, if necessary for multiple timers within the script. You will receive alerts at the moments you want them.

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Jan van der Werf, projectleider

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