IT Monitor

Azure monitoring

Monitor your (hybrid) Azure cloud solution as though it were a regular on-premises environment. Analyse detailed asset, availability, performance and usage data. Run reports on the performance and monitor the costs. Ensure that you never pay too much. Including for Azure Stack.

Monitor Azure cloud-services

Monitor your (hybrid) Azure cloud solution as though it were a regular on-premises environment. Analyse detailed asset, availability, performance and usage data. Receive meaningful notifications, create in-depth analyses and clear reports. Usage data is used among other things to monitor costs and to attune the cloud services better to the actual required usage. Thus manage your cloud costs effectively.

Also for Azure Stack

Azure Stack is an appliance with all the possibilities and benefits of Azure, but then in your own datacentre. Take your Azure solution into use wherever you want it, in the Azure Cloud or on the Azure Stack. It makes no difference to Gensys. With a hybrid solution, automatically relate the Azure services to the Azure Stack and/or in the Azure Cloud, to your on-premises IT components in the Active CMDB. Thus make the IT chain complete again, and manage the chain integrally.

IT Monitor

Measure and analyse use and usage

Tune your Azure environment so that it is used in the most efficient and best-performing way. The Azure Monitor retrieves a wealth of use and usage data and processes it. Analyse the data easily, but in-depth, with powerful tools. Take substantiated decisions on capacity modifications through trend analyses and an unlimited availability of historic data.


Respond quickly to notifications which are really significant, by setting threshold values and a normal pattern for the various parameters, like performance or usage. Thus take adequate measures in good time for (threatened) problems. Prevent disruptions and guide Microsoft with focus in the diagnosis.

Cost monitoring

Paying for actual use is wonderful, but managing the Azure costs is a challenge. Nobody wants to be hit with surprises later on. Spot divergences from the normal pattern, monitor budgets and forecast the anticipated costs.

Fulfilling KPIs

Monitor the agreed SLA and adjust in time. The Azure Monitor continuously collects the performance data from the Azure environment. That means an insight at any time into the performance in relation to the agreed SLA. And graphic trend analyses show the forecast performances.

IT Monitor

Integral IT management

Manage your IT integrally? Certainly, because CMDB and monitoring data from the on-premises IT environment, from the Azure services and from the IT components implemented on the Azure services, are available in one solution. Carry out diagnoses and analyses by using data from your entire IT environment.

Integral incident management

Anticipate disruptions better thanks to integration. Analysing disruptions and ‘putting your finger on the sore spot’ is now a whole lot easier. This avoids any difficult discussions about responsibilities with your Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider or with Microsoft itself. Take your ultimate responsibility, and ensure that the service provision to your internal or external client remains optimal.

Integral service management

Gain an integral and up-to-date insight into the performance and ensure with this, as an internal or external IT service provider, correct and effective service level management. No problem, because the current performance details of the entire IT infrastructure are available in one management solution. Performance data is constantly set against performance criteria in the SLAs.

Integral performance and usage management

Carry out integral performance and usage management because the relevant data from the on-premises IT and from the Azure solutions is available. Have access to extensive graphic functions, where combinations of Azure performance data and on-premises performance data can be created. Discover trends and divergences with this data, thus taking the right measures in good time.

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