IT Monitor

Event management

Gensys ensures that only relevant notifications are shown. Don’t reinvent the wheel, thanks to the Gensys knowledge base.

The SLA determines how messages are offered and must be handled. If not responded to in time, escalation takes place. Relevant events are not lost.

The Gensys Monitor is suitable for virtually all systems, platforms and applications.

Efficient event management and knowledge base

Gensys ensures that only relevant messages are shown. Accept messages automatically, and archive groups of messages based on rules. Operate efficiently, but certainly also effectively, by analysing events quickly to see whether the situation may have occurred previously, how the event was handled at that time, which events are related to this etc. That means not reinventing the wheel. The Gensys knowledge base ensures knowledge-sharing and efficiency improvements.

SLA-driven event management

The SLA determines how messages are offered. So it’s not the last, oldest or most critical message which needs to be tackled first. No, it’s the message which has the highest priority in terms of the SLA. Work therefore on the basis of the priorities established in the SLAs. Tackle messages within the stipulated time, and escalation occurs if that doesn’t happen.

Suitable for all platforms

The Gensys Monitor is suitable for a wide variety of systems, platforms and applications. Easily include almost all physical and logical IT components in the monitoring. The Gensys Monitor operates ‘agentless’, communicates through many standard and non-standard interfaces, and has a comprehensive repository of templates. Easily adapt the templates to your situation. Creating new templates is easy; no programming knowledge is needed.

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“Significant savings are made by billing IT resources”

Frank van Gemerden, Team Manager Bedrijfsbureau ICT

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