IT Monitor

Process and chain monitoring

Ensure the uninterrupted operation of the business processes. See at a glance any (threatened) disruptions which process will be affected. This is also possible per geographic location. Monitor digital processes and analyse problems in the underlying IT quickly and effectively.

End-to-end beheer


Get a grip on the digital processes by understanding the coherence of the process flow and the underlying IT of which these process parts are dependent. Detect disruptions or deviations from the performance criteria. Gensys shows which process component affects this and conduct research into the underlying IT quickly and adequately. Model the process flow easily by connecting the (critical) IT components to each other in the right order. Gain insight into the important performances responsible for the optimal functioning of the process. Review the performance against the performance criteria and see immediately which notifications affect the status and performance.

Business Impact analysis

IT supports the business, though in fact increasingly ‘IT is the business’. Your IT Service Management ensures the uninterrupted operation of the business processes. So for any (pending) disruption, look at the business impact. At a glance you can see which business service, which business or operational process, will be affected. See the status of the business services in a convenient form, including per geographic location. Not only by showing ‘good’ or ‘bad’, no, in fact even a threatened disruption is visible.

Chain monitoring

Monitoring individual IT components without understanding the cohesion with other parts of the IT infrastructure is not effective, because IT components influence each other and depend on each other. Establish the cohesion automatically and define IT services to perform chain monitoring and to see directly among other things, the impact of a disruption on an IT service. Monitor the IT chains of the entire IT infrastructure integrally irrespective of where the IT infrastructure is located, on-premises or in the cloud.

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IT Monitor

Perform Impact and Root Cause Analyses

The Active CMDB contains all the logical and physical relationships between the IT components, and the Gensys Monitor integrates seamlessly with the Active CMDB. For each notification, call up the details of the relevant ‘configuration item’ (CI), and create a root-cause analysis by working back through the CI’s ‘relationship path’. For example, consider the database-virtual server-hypervisor-storage chain. Use current and historic data for the (graphic) analysis. Analyse the impact of a disruption or (proposed) change, working upwards through the path.

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“With Gensys we establish the relationship between ICT and critical operational processes.”

Marcel Donkers, ICT-manager

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