IT Monitor

Predictive and proactive

Predict the behaviour of your IT components with the smart Gensys IT Monitor. Intelligent technologies process and analyse the huge volume of data from IT components. Gensys gives you insight into the future behaviour of your IT and avoids disruptions or degradations.

Predict IT behaviour

Make management plannable. Predict the future behaviour of the IT and prevent disruptions or degradations in good time. This provides peace of mind. IT components produce a huge volume of messages, extensive logfiles and numerous values. Information which provides good insights. A shame that so little is done with it, because it’s a lot of information, or simply too much. The Gensys Monitor uses intelligent filtering and grouping technologies for only the relevant data. Analyse problems by processing the data, extrapolating, correlating cross-platform and presenting conclusions in graphic form.

Predictive and proactive management

You need predictive and proactive IT management. Predictive management (see the previous) places the emphasis on analysing large volumes of data and drawing conclusions from them, on the (future) behaviour of the IT infrastructure. This lets you prevent incidents and problems in good time, involving availability, capacity, performance, usage (costs) and the user experience. And proactive management means events which cause problems in the short term are tackled now.

Proactive management

Ensure that every relevant notification comes to the attention of the IT administrators. Prioritise and escalate messages based on the SLA, the type of message, the seriousness of the message, service rosters, platform type, available knowledge and workflows. Request the latest status for each notification, and what happened prior to that. Gain direct insight into data about the capacity, performance, usage and use. Display the relevant information graphically straight-away, and gain insight rapidly, for example by comparing a ‘bad’ period with a ‘good’ one.

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“Gensys plays a central role in achieving the ISO 27001 certification.”

Wilco Slotboom, Systems Manager

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