Service Management


Be effective and productive, everywhere and always. Manage from any device irrespective of time or place. Improve the effectiveness and productivity of your management organisation, because at any desired time, in any place and from any device, insight is available into your IT infrastructure and/or that of your clients. Respond quickly and satisfactorily. Work efficiently with the available time of your system administrators and service managers.

Any device

The Gensys client is available for iPhone and iPad as an iOS app, and under an HTML-5 browser on the desktop, laptop or mobile device, including Android. Naturally it is also available as a Windows client on the desktop or laptop.

Mobility for the system administrator

Perform IT management anywhere? That’s certainly possible, like handling events, creating analyses, drawing up diagnoses, creating tickets, following-up on tickets, consulting the CMDB, viewing client agreements, booking activities and hours, consulting documents, drafting in colleagues. Gain insight to act quickly and accurately irrespective of time or place. All the required information is easily available where it’s relevant.

Mobility for service managers

Service managers have direct insight into the status of the business services, the related IT services, the SLA and KPIs, notifications, escalations, standby rosters, contact details, and very much more. See the status of the service provision directly. Take the right decisions because the right information is always available.

Mobility for the IT manager

For the IT manager among other things the status is available for the business and IT services, ongoing escalations, availability figures, available knowledge, contact details and more. Consult all the information which helps you to dig deeper into a specific situation.

Access for your client

Your internal or external client can ‘watch’ within his own environment, and can even ‘co-manage’ actively if this has been agreed. Track notifications and actions, record and update tickets, view availability figures, look up contact details, include their own standby rosters and so much more, are all within reach of the client. Let your end users or those of your clients easily report a problem or pose a question, by creating a ticket. He or she can then track the status of it.

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“Our customers also benefit from the Gensys service management solution.”

Tim Doets, Business Development Manager

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