Service Management

Next Step Service Desk

Complete Service Desk. See in one timeline what the activities were, and what the result was, but also what’s going to happen. Anticipate effectively because everyone is up to speed on all the communications and proposed actions. Resolve queries and problems quickly with the Gensys knowledge bank. Fulfil the service desk as a service provider together with your client? It’s possible.

Complete Service Desk

Record all incidents, changes, requests, complaints, questions and other contacts with activities in tickets. Each ticket contains the status, severity, impact, anticipated resolution time and completion time. The Service Desk is fed by the Gensys Monitor, changes from the Active CMDB and notifications from IT staff and users.

The ‘next step’. Always know the next step

See what the activities were, and what the result was. But wouldn’t it be much better if you and your client or end user also see what’s going to happen? In what the next step will be in resolving the incident, complaint, question etc., Gensys ‘motivates’ everyone working on a ticket to do exactly that. Everyone involved sees all the communication, work performed and intended, and thus focuses better on the successful processing of the ticket.

Insight through timeline

See exactly what has happened with a ticket in a timeline. Monitoring data and details of the IT component are automatically added to the ticket. Assign ‘tasks’ to people or resolution groups, whose progress will be monitored automatically by the SLA. Once an ‘activity’ has been completed, what has been done and the result are recorded. Provide explanations for the activities through ‘rich text posts’. This produces a convenient timeline.

Together the Service Desk, together better

Is your client asking that the service desk be fulfilled jointly? It’s possible. An example. Your client provides workplace support. You perform the IT management on the server, network and storage infrastructure. A user reports a problem to your client’s service desk. After some time it appears that you will need to tackle the problem. The ticket is transferred. You automatically have all the information and a complete insight into the previous communication. You resolve the problem, your client sees this and takes over communication with the end user. But what is also possible: offering the Service Desk to your client as a separate service? Your client will then use your Gensys platform.

Knowledge base

Los vragen en problemen snel op met de kennisbank van Gensys. Die wordt accuraat en actueel gehouden door integratie met externe kennisbanken en door de registratie van verrichte werkzaamheden en het resultaat. Zo ziet u meteen of een incident al een keer eerder is voorgekomen, welke mogelijke oplossingen er zijn, hoe het incident toen is opgelost en hoe succesvol die oplossing was. De kennisbank wordt min of meer automatisch opgebouwd, zonder dat dit extra inspanningen van de medewerkers vraagt.

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“Our customers also benefit from the Gensys service management solution.”

Tim Doets, Business Development Manager

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