Service Management


Monitor the correct and timely progress of the management processes and guarantee the quality of your IT service provision. That’s possible with Gensys, because management activities can be guided by rules and structure. In fact, Gensys is a workflow solution. Make IT management plannable and manageable among others through insight into the current workload, the plannable space and recording repetitive tasks in the ‘event calendar’.

Quality through workflows and procedures

Monitor the correct and timely progress of the IT management processes. Gensys controls activities through rules and structure, in other words with workflows. As an example, the SLA guides and monitors the handling of monitor messages and tickets. Another example: a collection of tasks, ad-hoc or compiled in advance, can be bundled into a procedure with its dependencies. Gensys goes into action if the activities are not performed in accordance with standards, KPIs and working methods.

Insight into workload, guiding by workload

Gain an insight into the plannable space per day, week or month for short-term tasks and for longer-running projects. IT employees record activities and hours and if tasks are planned, you have an insight into the actual workload. You can see directly who has what tasks and when they must be performed. Call up the ‘estimated workload’ at any time, where for each knowledge area, account should be taken of the priority of the activities and the available resources.

Plan and monitor repetitive activities

To a significant extent IT management consists of repetitive activities. Certainly if you are a service provider, you can easily lose track. Record repetitive tasks in the ‘event calendar’, where employees are assigned at the right moment and with the right information. Agreed maintenance windows are also set automatically this way.

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Tim Doets, Business Development Manager

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